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Why QBI Group?

„We do not sell insurance, and sell confidence...”

QBI GROUP is an insurance firm aiming at qualified personnel and strive to offer our customers the widest range of insurance services. Our 12-year experience in Bulgarian insurance deals helped us set compulsory terms such as professional consultation of the client leading to appropriate and most advantageous insurance deals in legal insurance companies. The maximum coverage of the insurance risk is our main goal. As in addition we try to save you time and efforts, which you can redirect to personal deeds, as we offer you complete information, acquaint you to the possible options and insurance products, so that you can make your choice by yourself relying on adequate personal judgement.

We believe that the best insurance intermediary must be close to their customers by giving them the opportunity to choose the best insurance products offered by leading insurance companies.

The main objective of the insurance firm QBI GROUP is a high level of competence, professionalism and ethics, responsibility in work and constant care for the interests of our clients in accordance with their insurance needs. We are committed to deliver quality and professional insurance services to our clients to win their trust and respect. Our growth and success stem from your trust in us and the creation of highly motivated and trained team of specialists and consultants in the field of insurance.

12 Annual Our experience has convinced one - sincerity make our customers happy and therefore they recommend us to their friends, relatives and colleagues.



Essential part of our mission as an insurance broker is to select and provide clients with the best insurance of the leading insurance companies, which could offer a wide range and many different products (insurance), not only tariffs, but also insurance size premium, grant for loyal customers, complex insurance deals and many other. Products we offer are carefully selected by us after a detailed analysis of the insurance market to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of each client.


Types of insurance


  • Insurance to drivers
  • Insurance Green Card - Civil liability abroad
  • Insurance KASKO
  • KASKO vehicle insurance;
  • Insurance KASKO vessels;
  • KASKO aircraft insurance;
  • Insurance KASKO containers;
  • Insurance KASKO Rail vehicles and agricultural machines;
  • Insurance KASKO vehicles - first risk of accident and the driver and passengers in cars.


  • Accident insurance of the driver and passengers in vehicles;
  • Insurance temporarily residing abroad;
  • Group accident insurance;
  • personal accident insurance;
  • Insurance guests of hotels;
  • Mandatory accident insurance for workers risk jobs;
  • Accident insurance of transport workers;
  • Mandatory insurance of passengers in public transport means (GSP).



  • Subscribed insurance policy CARGO import / export;
  • CARGO insurance fee;
  • CARGO export insurance;
  • CARGO domestic insurance;
  • Special insurance;
  • Insurance trade fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria;
  • Insurance trade fairs and exhibitions abroad;
  • Accompanying baggage insurance.


  • Industrial fire insurance;
  • Insurance property in storage;
  • Domestic property insurance;
  • Insurance office equipment;
  • Insurance commercial sites;
  • Building insurance;
  • Property insurance companies;
  • Insurance assets and liabilities;
  • Insurance of all risks to the contractor;
  • Insurance mounting insurance against all risks.


  • Compulsory insurance;
  • Insurance - liability abroad (green card to the vehicle);
  • Liability insurance in the management of foreign cars;
  • Liability insurance carrier on the road;
  • Aircraft liability insurance;
  • Ship repair liability insurance;
  • General liability insurance;
  • Insurance, general liability and responsibility for the device;
  • Third party liability insurance for workers;
  • ECO insurance;
  • Liability insurance of notaries, doctors and entrepreneurs.



  • Insurance bondove customs;
  • Eco insurance guarantees.


  • Insurance against bad weather conditions;
  • Insurance errors and omissions;
  • Insurance Leasing.


  • Insurance cereal and pulse;
  • Insurance trenches;
  • Insurance tobacco;
  • Insurance vegetables (no tomatoes) and flowers;
  • Insurance perennial crops;
  • Insurance annual grasses and perennial.


  • biungulates no pigs;
  • Equidae insurance;
  • Insurance pigs;
  • Insurance dogs;
  • Insurance birds;
  • Insurance and fish breeding material - intensive fish farming;
  • Insurance divechovadni and game farms;
  • Insurance hives with bees;
  • Insurance rabbits - zaytsevadstvo intensive.



What is insurance?

This is compulsory insurance for all vehicles. Insurance covers all types of damages (and non-proprietary), which insured the driver of the car cause of the accident as a result (Road Transport accident) his fault of others.

What covers insurance where the insured vehicle suffer?

Insurance is aimed at victims, compensation is paid only victims. Guilty is not entitled to compensation under this insurance or civil liability does not cover anything if the insured vehicle suffered, this risk is covered by another type of insurance Casco vehicle.

What is the difference between material and moral damage?

Broadly speaking, the property damage were those where the victims are objects, and those with moral suffering people.

What insurance green card?

This is a civil liability insurance, but valid abroad (the member countries of the Bureau Green Card).

What is insurance against Kasko vehicle?

This is a voluntary insurance which takes care of your car. The main risks covered under this type of insurance are as follows: Damages caused due to the accident, damage to the car park (with a limit of indemnity), malicious acts of third parties, natural disasters, fire, theft and robbery of vehicles and others depending on the conditions of a general insurance company. Kasko insurance may be different types: full, partial or limited, depending on the type of damage that the customer wants to be covered. The most important requirements for the driver for easy payment of compensation are: * The driver to to be in soberly state / no presence of alcohol in the blood and is qualified with a valid driving license .The car is a valid sign of GTP (Annual Technical Review).

What is property insurance?

This is insurance, which insures all property both natural and legal persons (buildings of different types of structures, household effects, audio video equipment and consumer electronics, machinery and equipment, goods in shops, shop windows and many others). This insurance has a large number of other clauses, which cover various types of damages. Customer may itself to choose which risks to be included in the elaborated policy. Such clauses (fire, natural disasters, earthquakes, theft of the insured property, robbery, short circuit, vandalism and many others). Property insurance is a complex process and requires consultation with experts in the field of property insurance.


Last updated on 24/02/2018